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#2 Niche Off - Show Notes

Welcome to episode two, we're a bit rushed this week, you may have noticed the lack of an intro, sorry. Anyway we've got a great show this week for you, and a new segment which does involve eating on microphone so if you don't like listening to chewing I'd skip forward that bit.

Matt's Wall of 1000 Books

This Life - Pete's going to rewatch the whole series for Andrew Lincoln's full frontal scene

How to pronounce the gender neutral Mx

This week's dinner guest - Justin Vivian Bond

A storyline and some porn thrown in too Shortbus

The Main Point - all the information about London Fetish Week which runs from 6th - 14th July

For all the kinky boys you could ever want to meet - Recon

The 17th Century gay brothel on which Buckingham Palace now stands - Buckingham Palace Brothel

Victorian Safety Razor Adverts

John Goodman (fan favourite) on the long corded phone in Roseanne

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