Two gay bears and a podcast on a variety of topics. Clue's in the name.

Pete & Matt have been friends since 2014, and thought it high time their conversations were on record so everyone else can listen to our chats jump topics like a twink on Tina. 

It's a gift to the world, really. 

Despite the name, this isn't just a podcast for gay men or even just fat gay men (Sorry Matt, you're fat). All topics are fair game, depending on what's cropped up in our lives that month. 

We are releasing our first podcast in July 2019 aiming to release an episode a month. 



Pete is originally from Belfast, before moving to Lancaster to study a medieval history degree at Lancaster University, Pete's lived in London since 2008, where he put that medieval history knowledge to good uses working as the product manager of an online jewellery store, a job which means every year he starts thinking about Christmas around Easter.

Pete has been part of a polyamorous V relationship for the past two years. His boyfriend is from Colombia, so he's learning Spanish as quickly as possible so his future in-laws can't talk about him behind his back. Duolingo's last suggested phrase to learn was "What time is your husband home?" so he suspects it knows more about him than he's comfortable with.

In his spare time Pete loves nothing more than a road trip, in March 2019 he drove through 6 countries in 2 days just for fun. He's never up to date on current TV, but he does take two weeks off to watch the Olympics every 4 years, and it's only half about the men in lycra.

Matt was born in Hull, but thank god doesn't have the accent. He studied Creative Writing at DeMontfort University and unlike Pete he actually manages to use his degree most days as a professional writer and editor. As an editor, he's enjoyed success with his erotica anthologies (hitting Publisher Weekly's Most-Anticipated Publications list, and scoring a Lambda Literary finalist with his recent collection of Victorian smut) and largely making no mark with his collections of science fiction stories, which is both depressing and gratifying at the same time. 

He lives in Manchester, works as a freelance book designer, and has a day job at the dodgier end of the customer service industry (because writing doesn't pay that well, who knew?). He's less of a bear than the logo makes him look but still, begrudgingly, in the general area.

Matt and Pete met in 2014 through Pete's ex-boyfriend, in which Matt initially acted as regular unpaid therapy, then accidentally got Pete in the divorce when Pete continued to report on his ongoing Ridiculous Gay Dramas (TM). They have since remained firm friends, bonding over life's continuing plot twists, though thankfully at least one of them now has an actual paid therapist who gives better life advice. Given their long list of shared people they should absolutely not talk about publicly, a podcast seemed ideal.

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